lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

I am back!

OMG, I haven't posted in so long ... last pics I was still wearing shorts and now it is winter.

So many things have happend since, and not very many good ones I must say, but hard things make you stronger, so they say!

So here I am again!!

I dont have outfits to post unfortunatly but this morning I just felt I wanted to get back here and share some fun with you girls so I guess I will show you what my Sales Babies are so far. There are a few things I still want to put in my basket but I think I  have some time left. I will wait till they go up to 50% or 70% off ... if I am lucky.

 For the time being this is what I got. Some items will be at my door this morning, some in the upcoming days. When I will have them in my hands I will show you how I styled them hoping you will like it.


Skirt and Top-Karl    Coat and Skirt-Zara

There is actually more than this but I will leave it for another post.

I know it is all a bit black and white but ... I will spice it up once I wear them!!

Have a gret day girls ... It feels good to be back!

PS ... sorry for the layout of the pics, I know it is poor but I am late and I want to post this!

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